Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Nearly No Harm, No Fowl Breakfast Sammie

Ever since I saw the video of this breakfast sandwich being made on the Vegan Zombie webisode I have wanted to try my hand at making it. It looks good and they made it completely vegan. To see the original video of this delicious breakfast "sammie" being made you can find it here:
As far as full disclosure and credit the Vegan Zombie was visiting the Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse NY. I would love to visit them someday their food looks amazing.

Aaron was all game for trying this with me but unfortunately the morning I planned to make it he woke up with a headache. I didn't think it a good day for experimental breakfast. So I flew solo on this one.  This is what I'm sure will my first of many vegan egg trick muffin sammies.


If you are interested in making your own I suggest watching the video because not only does he demonstrate it but gives the ingredients & measurements. But I will give you the run down on what you are seeing here.

The english muffins we used were Thomas' corn muffins, which are really good if you've never had them before.

The "egg" is a round of firm tofu that you dredge or coat in nutritional yeast and spices before frying it.

The "sausage" is a pattie made with Gimme Lean.

This was our first time using this product but surely won't be our last. It has a nice taste and texture. You can use it not only as patties like this but crumbled as well.

There is cheese in there too but you can't see it from the picture. I would have made it vegan but I only had the regular cheese so I used that.

And I believe when it was all said and done my breakfast sammie was just under 400 calories.

Oh and as for Aaron, he has since had one and gave it the CC

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