Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Solo Journey....It Shouldn't Be This Hard

I started this off with a rant that was getting a bit long and tedious, even to me. So I deleted the first few paragraphs and I'm starting over because in the end what I was ranting about in some respects is on me to try and change. Although the tasks at times feel like a mountainous solo endeavor. But maybe they are meant to be now that I think about it. Perhaps how we live, eat and maintain our health should just be a solo act, period. But what about when you can't do it alone? What about when the people we care about just don't quite understand that they can control their own health and happiness and need not rely on medication. Or they simply give up trying because they feel helpless, that it's too hard or pointless.

I've been trying so hard to eat a vegetarian diet with the hopes of one day being vegan. I want to not only be healthy for myself but live this way out of compassion for the animals and the environment. But there seem to be barriers that constantly pop up keeping me from the quest. I'd also like to be an example for loved ones, friends and co-workers who are satisfied going along, happy with the status quo of taking medication and continuing to be as they are or just plain unhealthy. Blaming other elements, or feeling that changing can't be done or not understanding the reasons why it should be done.

My own personal barriers are the ones that find such a limited number of choices of places to shop or dine that don't have a decent number of options. Are there so few others dining or shopping at these places? Are people like me quietly trying to eat or shop at places and simply making due with what is made available to us? Would it be worth speaking up or make any changes if we were to talk to restaurant owners, chefs or store owners to express our dissatisfaction and unhappiness?  Would anyone care? Would it be of welcome assistance to offer our help with what types of things to add to their menu or store shelves? I wonder and even contemplate putting it out there to see if there is any type of receptive dialog that would take place.

In the meantime I guess I'll just keep doing what I've been doing as a soloist until I can find some more recruits. If money were not an option I would gladly open a small establishment; part vegan cafe, part store to help others on what for me at times feels like an impossible journey.

So I'm throwing this out to the Internet and others who might also feel like they are a soloist on this journey.

 Many days it's faces and images like this that keep me on my path... what keeps you on yours?


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