Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tasty Veg Lunch & Product Review

Our lunch today consisted of what I would consider one of the best things I learned to create when we took the vegetarian cooking class. The recipe in class was called "Chickpea Salad" but you really can tailor it to your own tastes. At times it will remind you of having a tuna salad sandwich, sans the fish. Served in lettuce leaves (butter, my favorite kind) the bread was not missed. Here are a couple photos of what I made, we had them with Utz Dark Russet Chips, another of my new favorites.

I made mine using a can of chickpeas. Much to my delight when I went to rinse them and was reading the can for fear they were high in sodium, I found they were very low. I had unknowingly bought a can that has no added salt. I am trying to reduce my intake of said mineral so very happy at this discovery.

You process the chickpeas and can make them as smooth or chunky as you'd like. Then to those I add sliced celery, some scallions, seasonings (today fresh cracked pepper and dried onion) and mix together with Veganaise. You can use mayo or other spread of choice. We've had them as sandwiches on bread and I was going to do crackers today but knowing I had a beautiful head of butter lettuce I thought that the perfect vehicle to get this tasty salad into my anxiously waiting mouth and stomach. I believe we've decided these will be added to a none too soon workday lunch bag.

As for the product review as noted in the title the product is a new found frozen meal called Lyfe Kitchen. No I'm not a bad speller or forgot to spell check that is the name. They make entree meals but on a recent trip to a Shop Rite I had never been to before I found they make breakfast entrees. I bought us one of each and we tested them over a weekend. Here are the pics and our reviews:

This is the one I had.

I really liked it and would buy it again. I don't advocate or really care to use premade meals a lot, especially since many of them contain a ton of sodium, even the natural organic ones. But, in a pinch I'll use them and I am liking this brand. Their website says they also have a restaurant in I think its Calif. (of course they get a lot of the good stuff first, think Trader Joes) but at least we can take  advantage of their meals at home.

And this is what Aaron had, although we did try each others. I'm not a salsa fan that's why I got this one for him. While he liked the sweet potato hash with mango added to it he wasn't as big a fan of the egg part. He was surprised by the unexpected goat cheese in it and basically said if he's going to have eggs he likes them made fresh. I thought the taste was pretty good but because I'm not a fan of salsa wouldn't be a good fit for me.

This photo is a final result of our taste test

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