Sunday, April 7, 2013

Add Another LYFE Kitchen Yum

No, I'm not being paid to advertise (although if there's a position open, perhaps they'll hire me) but just thought when you find something fast, tasty and nutritious you should let people know. At least in our humble opinions. Today the new LYFE Kitchen breakfast we tried was this one:

Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Quinoa & Mixed Fruits
Cinnamon Spiced Steel-Cut Oats mixed with Quinoa • Sweet & Juicy Peaches, Apples& Pineapples • Coconut Almond Topping

And unlike other frozen meals we aren't talking little minuscule pieces of fruit as I hope my picture illustrates we're talking full size slices. I really did enjoy this and even more so since Aaron nuked and served it to me!

He had the pancake one reviewed previously and said he enjoyed it this time since he got the eat the entire meal. Not just the tiny crumb of a morsel I allowed him to taste mine last time.

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